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◯Where you were at that time on that day?
Only have this app ,it is recording a position and time.
◯Because the record is recorded only in a file in the app and is not saved to servers, I am reliable.
◯You can input a memo into the pin on the map.
◯App shows a calendar the existence of past records, photographs, the records of the memo and you can glance at first sight.
◯The past photograph is displayed in the position and time by a map.
◯It is available depending setting and Accuracy setting, a stop and a reopening button of the positioning in position detection space.
◯Because you can easily deposit and withdraw it by iTunes, as for the file which I recorded, the backup is simple.

As an action record.
In the alibi that what is as trigger of the memory trip including a business record and the transportation expenses request of the companies ‥

*The file is made monthly.
*The update distance becomes every one of double when in the same place at long time.
*If you hava many past Photographs in your iPhone,push left button.You can travell like TimeMachine.
I devise it about the battery saving in various ways, but I use GPS and the base station information after all to act, and to record it, and, as for the above, it is difficult.
I think the application with a little battery consumption, there is not such a log application.
When it is not necessary, you cut the best way! (laugh), please stop update with a stop button.
Do not only forget to just relaunch‥

*in itunes AppStore
hintclick apri for iPhone
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