CELLroid G for iPhone


ver1.29 2013/9/22

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Please contact me if:
*you have any questions, or
*you think you found a bug, or
*you found some typo, or
*you found some error in my English translation.

You can contact me by email info@hintclick.com.
Please include the word "[Cellroid]" in subject in the e-mail subject line.

Thank you for trying my CELLroid G Lite app. If you like it, then, please purchase CELLroid G!

Anyway thank you for tring this apri,and thank you for your patience of my poor english.

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*Cellroid G LITE - hintclick.comCellroid G LITE
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Simple spreadsheet


Time and Memo

Time and Memo

Life Log


Moving pazzle



Cross Pazzle