typing card TYPING CARD GAME

It is the one which was made to be able to play by touch-typing in the game of the card which is called a SPEED.

< Rule of the game >
It chooses two sheets of stand cards at the center and the card of the continuing figure from the five sheets in line standing hand.
Then, it puts on it.

Previous rear either of the continuing figures are OK.
for example on an 3 you can play a 2 or a 4;
Also, in 13 pieces of the following, it becomes 1.
for example on an 13 you can play a 1 or a 12;
A hand is replenished from the card at the side. It is your win if its card becomes without all.

< Way of carrying forward a game >
Push [ ENTER ] key and start a game .
Type the letter which has been written under the card to choose.
Whiich is marked with the green frame continues is not in both when the choice is slow for there to be a continuing card. Puts on the marked card by one sheet from the hand.

Click the button which says when there is a game again with the mouse.
The level becomes in order with enemy consideration speed's being slow from 1 to 5.