*Input Board
Double tap cell.
Input Board appears.
Or tap left top blue area.

*Text box.
Tap and hold left top blue area.
Text box appears.

*Arrow board
Tap right top blue area.
Arrow board appears.
Tap arrow direction to move cursor.
Cursor moves to direction of arrow.

*Word list board.

Tap and hold right top blue area.
To add a word to the board,tap and hold a cell of board.
Text box appears.
Input word into Text box,then you can add a word on board.
By tapping a cell of word,you can input a word to a cell in spreadsheet.

*Index menu
Tap index.
Index menu appears.
[Top] Cursor jump to top of cells.
[Width] Set cell width.
[Tail] Cursor jump to tail of inputed cell.